Learn About Kalmbach Fuels

Who is Kalmbach Clean Fuels, LLC?

Kalmbach Clean Fuels, LLC is a public Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] fast-fill station opening in November 2013. The first public CNG station in rural Ohio, it will allow two vehicles to fuel simultaneously via fueling dispensers that function similar to standard diesel fuel pumps. The station will provide 24-hour, on-demand fueling by customers using standard fueling cards or major credit cards. Kalmbach Clean Fuels will also host a maintenance garage for all CNG vehicles.

What is Compressed Natural Gas?

Natural gas is primarily composed of methane (CH4) and other hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane, etc.) that are removed prior to consumer use. Most natural gas is extracted from gas and oil wells, though some supplies can be found in biogas resources, like landfills. Natural gas offers significant environmental, energy security, and economic benefits. It produces lower tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gases than diesel or gasoline (mainly because methane is less carbon-rich than petroleum). Also unlike gasoline, natural gas is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-carcinogenic and presents no threat to soil, surface water, or groundwater. Using natural gas supports Ohio’s economy because Ohio has significant natural gas production. Even more importantly, according to the Energy Information Administration, nearly all of the natural gas used in America comes primarily from domestic sources. Natural gas accounts for approximately one quarter of the energy used in the US.

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is one form of natural gas used in transportation. CNG is made by compressing natural gas to a fraction of its volume. CNG is used in gasoline internal-combustion vehicles that have been converted to alternative fuel vehicles, or AFVs, and is provided to these AFVs by high-pressure (up to 3,600 psi) compression and dispensing systems. The CNG is then stored on-board in high-pressure cylinders. In Ohio, CNG fuel generally costs about 20-60% less than petroleum fuels on an energy equivalent basis. CNG vehicles purchased new are more expensive than comparable gasoline or diesel vehicles, while those bought used are usually equal to or less expensive than comparable gas or diesel vehicles. However, federal tax credits are available for buying a new CNG vehicle.

LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is another form of natural gas used in transportation. Natural gas is liquefied in order to store more energy on a vehicle in a smaller volume. LNG is produced by purifying and cooling natural gas to -260°F. It is particularly well suited to heavy-duty applications and offers great potential savings. Unfortunately, LNG is not currently available in Ohio. (http://www.cleanfuelsohio.org/natural-gas/)

Why Compressed Natural Gas?

Compressed Natural Gas is the energy solution for the United States and the World.  It will provide us with an increasing standard of living everywhere.  It will dramatically lower the cost of all types of energy.  It will lower food and feed costs.  It will shift eh economic paradigm.

Hours of operation?

The facility will be open 24 hours per day selling both fast fill CNG and diesel fuel.

Where are you located?

11790 County Hwy 4, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351