Kalmbach Clean Fuels Ribbon Cutting


We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping making our grand opening such a great day!

Platinum Sponsors:

TruStar Energy, Peterbilt of Northwest Ohio and EcoDual

Gold Sponsors:

Ariel, Cummins Bridgeway and ETC ProLiance

Silve Sponsor:

W.W. Williams

November 19, 2013 – Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. and TruStar Energy are celebrating the grand opening of a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) public fueling station. The station, designed and constructed by TruStar Energy, is located at 11790 County Highway 4, Upper Sandusky, Ohio near the company’s Wyandot County, Ohio manufacturing plants and distribution center.

“The food distribution market segment is becoming increasingly more aggressive in their migration to CNG fuel – and the Kalmbach Feeds station represents an important part of the growing infrastructure,” said TruStar Energy Vice President, Scott Edelbach. “Fleet owners in the area now have added incentive to look at migrating their own fleets thanks to Kalmbach’s vision.”

The station is part of a new venture, Kalmbach Clean Fuels, LLC, and will support Kalmbach’s new CNG-powered feed distribution trucks. Strategically located near the intersection of US 30 and US 23, the new station will allow other CNG fleets and individual vehicle owners to take advantage of the benefits of the clean-burning, domestically produced fuel. “The trucking industry needs leaders who are willing to invest in new technology,” said Tim Rausch, Kalmbach Feeds’ Director of Distribution, adding, “Kalmbach Feeds is stepping forward to develop that infrastructure to move the industry forward.”

Kalmbach Feeds is planning to transition its entire fleet to either dedicated CNG or a combination of CNG/dual-fuel powered vehicles within five years. To service the new vehicles, the company found that they needed to invest in a new garage designed to service CNG vehicles. Certain safety standards must be met to work on natural gas vehicles, and a new, state-of-the-art garage is currently being built. All of the Kalmbach technicians have also been trained and certified to work on natural gas equipment.

Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. is a leading innovator in the animal feed industry, producing and distributing nutritional products throughout the eastern half of the United States. Developing a fueling strategy that best utilizes company resources, with the intent of transitioning away from foreign oil is what led Kalmbach Feeds to the decision to make the shift to a CNG powered fleet. Instead of waiting for the infrastructure to become available, company president Paul Kalmbach made the bold decision to be part of the solution by building a facility available to the public. “This investment is just the beginning of Kalmbach’s investment into the bold new paradigm that will result in the United States becoming energy independent which is key to our country’s financial future,” said Kalmbach. “Our team members are proud of the fact that we are helping to lead the way in these exciting new technologies”.

The philosophy behind building a CNG station is simple. The Kalmbach Team wants to be a part of America’s energy solution. The only viable solution to stopping the immense flow of U.S. dollars overseas to foreign oil producers is America’s own energy product. America has huge natural gas reserves that need to be utilized here.

Not only is compressed natural gas 90% cleaner than diesel, but is also more economical to use. It will be sold by Kalmbach Feeds at a price equivalent to paying $1.95 for a gallon of gasoline. A bonus benefit is that the CNG engine has an 80-90% lower decibel level than its diesel counterpart.

The company’s endeavors earned it recognition as a 2013 Emerging Green Fleet by CleanFuelsOhio, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and efficient vehicles.